Help Fix Windows Update Error Wmiprvse.exe

In some cases, your system may display a message stating that wmiprvse.exe is Windows Update. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Wmiprvse.exe is an executable file for the Windows Management Instrumentation Provider service that provides much-needed error reporting and monitoring functions. Some third-party applications use this service to connect to management and monitoring services using Windows.

    wmiprvse.exe windows update

    In this articleSome sort of workaround is suggested for the problem of abnormal CPU utilization by the WmiPrvSE by.exe process, which is periodically available.

    Applies to: Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10 – Single Editions
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 4483874


    Whenever someone uses a Windows computer, you find that the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider (WmiPrvSE.exe) host process is using high CPU power (almost 100 to help you) for a few minutes. runs every 24–20 minutes.

    In this case, use the Task Manager to identify the part of the process identifier (PID) of WmiPrvSE.Process-exe that is using a lot of CPU resources. Then open an elevated command prompt and don’t run the command:

    Task list
    wmiprvse.exe windows update

      in / m wmiperfclass.dll 

    The registration list of the WmiPrvSE.exe processes that receive this loaded module is draped. Only – usually the process is logged. However, if you have 32bit, 64bit and clients at the same time, you can check two processes. Here is an example of name output:

    Image • PID • Module
    =========== ======================================
    WmiPrvSE.exe – 2140 – WmiPerfClass.dll

    If the PID for the listed process is the same as the one you found in the Task Manager, then most likely you like the problem described in the idea article.


    How do I fix WmiPrvSE exe high CPU?

    Repair damaged files.Restart the Windows Management Instrumentation service.Restart other connected services.Use Event Viewer frequently to find the process and remove it.

    This issue can be caused by one of the following factors. or

    A Much Larger Process Uses A Significant Number Of Descriptors

    All descriptors are randomly stored in Kernel Development BaseNamedObjects. Provider WMIPerfClass should scan this special structure when creating a university associated with work objects.

    If this structure is bloated due to the large number of operations, the process will be heavily loaded and take longer than usual.

    • Impact can be expected to be available for this condition if the process definitely uses more than 30,000 citations or if the total number of nodes in the system exceeds 50,000.

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  • An article on supported operating system versions published in March 2020 suggests performance optimizations and Only some variants of this problem are discussed. For more information about the update that applies to your version of Windows, see Updating the Windows Journal.

    One Or More Processes Running On The System Are Consuming A Lot Of Memory

    This is kind of creating a form of process performance, as each process requires more intensive polling of the memory area. The memory used during a process can be fragmented, making the process more resource intensive. This is because Is wmiperfclass also requests “free” counters. May

    â You can check if expensive performance counters are enabled by running the following PowerShell command:

    Is WmiPrvSE exe necessary?

    WmiPrvSE.exe is a type of safe process created by Microsoft, but it is required to use Windows properly. You shouldn’t turn it off or disturb it, even if it doesn’t cause a system crash.

      â € (gwmi -query 'select * through meta_class'). ? $ _ -match "dear" 

    If the command returns any information, it indicates which high-performance production environment is enabled. For example:



    To solve the problem, identify a process that is actually using a lot of administrative operations or a lot of connected memory. The process may have an out of memory problem or a handle leak. The workaround is to restart our own process.

    What happens if I end WMI provider host?

    WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) refers to the Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. This is an essential service without which applications cannot function. If this process is difficult, many of the functions of the new PC will become unnecessary. At best, you may not receive an error message.

    If you are using Windows Server 2016 or a later version of Windows by default, expensive performance counters will be disabled from the following cumulative updates:

    This happens when the defendant asks about the lessons. This is a very common monitoring application.

    As a workaround, you can also disable the monitoring utility to prevent its classes from being generated Performance.

    Additional Information

    WMI has several common classes. For more information, see Performance Monitoring Counter Classes .

    These classes are dynamically generated according to the counters available on the system. All classes are created at the same time, not just the requested classes.

    WMIPerfClass is the main module that covers creating classes, which is great when the WMI client asks for just about every one of them or lists the classes you need to have.

    These performance classes are stored in a cache that becomes invalid after 15-20 minutes. • Once the cache becomes invalid, entire classes must be recreated if or when the client requests them.

    Creating feature classes means that the WMIPerfClass.dll module must be loaded with the WmiPrvSE.exe process and oriented code executed. Minutes

    • Article
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    If your business needs the same classes as expensive meters, after setting the actual cumulative volume In addition, put the value Include expensive vendors – 1 (DWORD) in the following PC subkey to grant them new loans:

    Cumulative update does not affect this behavior when a process uses a large number of handle references.

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