How To Fix Pliskin’s Codec For Metal Gears?

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    Here are some simple methods to fix Pliskin’s metal gear codec problem.

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    Without a doubt, MacDonald Miller. It was a long time ago, Snake.

    He’s the boss. It was a long time ago, Snake.

    This is actually Raiden. It’s been a long effort, Snake.

    Jack is dead.

    erm …. Miller and Pliskin have the same codec number. No special offer required.

    You are not random. 141.80 is undoubtedly Pliskin’s frequency in Miller mgs2, MGS1, The Boss in MGS3, and Raiden in MGS4.

    metal gear pliskin codec

    I’m really sorry for the fixes.

    I’ve never called the bosses who played MGS3 and MGS4. I didn’t really think about it.

    Dude, it’s killing me that I can’t name this frequency … or a lot of old MGS4s near the Otacons ….

    Chapter 7 is all you have to say to Valkyrie fans, they will understand what someone is talking about – Heavenly Curse

    umm … Miller and Pliskin do know the codec number. No, I want some random quotes.

    You are not accidental. 141.80 is the frequency for Pliskin in Miller’s MGS2, MGS1, Boss in MGS3 and Raiden in MGS4.

    I never call the boss when I play MGS3, and besides, I don’t have many MGS4s that I have played.

    Dude kill me, I can’t call us on this frequency … or any of the unwanted MGS4s other than the Otacons ….

    Chapter 7 is all you need to tell a Valkyrie fan what you mean – Heavenly Damnation

    A A A A

    Knowing who has continuity is useless if you want what all frequencies can be.Listed in your codec anyway, luckily you could be here, you can just check who has what withoutSo that I have to play the relevant chapter, or I just want everything to be in this FAQ and thus add frequenciesAmong other things, here you can find everything related to Metal Gear Solid 2.

    Remember that * SPOILER * Snake / Pliskin is already the same person.

    Well ladies and gentlemen, here you can find all the radio frequenciesyou are in Gear Metal Solid 2, sorted numerically by parts of the game.

    metal gear pliskin codec


    • 140.96 Otacon (save)
    • 141.12 Otacon

    Large seashell

    • 140.85 Colonel
    • 140.96 roses (savings)
    • 140.25 Stillman
    • 140.48 Mister X (Deepthroat / Ninja / Olga)
    • 141.12 Otacon (in arsenal)
    • 141.32 President Johnson
    • 141.52 n. e.
    • 141.72 souls
    • 141.80 pleated / snake

    So, you will find that although the memory frequency is the same in both parts, it is alsoOtacon goes on as usual, well, get used to it …

    And why not notice that you can’t reach Ames or President Johnson using the codec.They are only used to talk to you in cutscenes, and their frequency is set only at the end.Do not call us, we will call you back!

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    • Control
    • Article
    • Radar
    • Weapon

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    • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
    • Step 2: Open the application and click on the Scan button
    • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the Restore button


    • Questions about the difficulty level before the game


    • Explore the bridge
    • Olga Gurlukovich Bossfight
    • Across the room
    • Infrared sensor system Semtex.
    • Shootout under the bridge
    • Metal Gear Pictures

    Large clam

    • Dive
    • Pliskin Iroquois
    • Fat Man Bombs
    • Successful boss fight
    • Fatman Bossfight
    • Ninja M. X
    • Find Ames Shell 1 Core
    • Path to shell 2 core
    • Semtex lasers on the Shell 1-2 connecting bridge
    • Hunter Hunter Boss Fight
    • Shell 2
    • Shell has contacted Senior Chairman Johnson.
    • Vampire boss battle.
    • Leave with Emma
    • Barrage sniper shooting
    • Virus download
    • Arsenal Equipment
    • Tengu Ambush
    • Metal Gear Ray Bossfight
    • Solidus Serpentine Boss Fight


  • Basic principles of identification plates
  • Identification Plates (SOL)
  • Identification marks (substance)
  • Knife handle
  • Hour oty
  • Boxes
  • Fun

    Substance VR Missions

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