How To Fix Start Menu Errors In Firefox Bookmarks

This “guide” is meant to help you when you get the Firefox bookmark launcher error.

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    How do I pin an Internet shortcut to start?

    Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.Press Alt+F.Click More Tools.Select Pin to get started.Open Start and you will see a pinned website icon.

    What if you could open web pages directly from the start menu or taskbar? That would probably be a pretty cool feature, okay? Microsoft thought so too, which is why they often embed highlighting in… Microsoft to Edge – you can correctly embed start menu links from Microsoft’s new browser.

    But what if you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla or Firefox, even… the outdated Internet Explorer 11 that some say still ships with Windows 10? To pin a link – to the start menu or taskbar – in any of these four browsers:

    Microsoft Edge

    1. Go to the web page where you want to pin the start menu.

    Sarah JacobssonPurewal/CNET
    2. Click or tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the settings menu of the big window.on Edge, then tap Pin to Home.

    3. Open the Start menu. You should see your company’s website pinned to the right side of the start menu as a medium-sized live tile. You can right click on this thumbnail to change this method (small or medium) or turn off the whole live electronic thumbnail.

    Google Chrome

    1. Go to the web page where you want to pin the start menu.

    Sarah JacobssonPurewal/CNET

    How do I add a bookmark to my Start menu?

    Visit any website you want to add to the Chrome start menu, but create a shortcut in the bookmarks bar.Drag the bookmark you just created to the Chrome Apps page.Right-click on the Chrome app you just created and click “Create Shortcuts”.

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