How To Fix Logonui.exe Error

If you’re experiencing a logonui.exe error on your PC, we hope this article can help you fix it.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the application and click on the Scan button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the Restore button
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    LogonUI is actually a Windows program that has repented of the interface you see on the login screen. This error you are getting indicates that the Logonui.exe file itself seems to be corrupt or some other program is just interfering and calling LogonUI and giving results like this.

    LogonUI.exe is my application that directly helps your computer create an interface that you can use to log in. But sometimes the corruption of this guide app can interfere with your contribution to the system, resulting in a fatal BSOD every time you try to connect to this device. Do not worry. Exact fixes are available to resolve this issue. The best known of these are the generic LogonUI. Recovery initialization executablemy file, restore autoplay, etc.

    Before you try to fix your LogonUI.exe issue, you may need your Windows 10 DVD. Right? All you have to do is create bootable installation media.

    What is System32 LogonUI exe?

    LogonUI.exe implements an aesthetic user interface that is displayed when the PC operator is prompted to log in to grant access to the local computer. This is a brand new core component of Windows and should always be left alone. Note. The LogonUI.exe file is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Otherwise, LogonUI.exe is considered a virus, spyware, trojan, and could be a worm!

    After you’re done, insert your promo disc or DVD into your USB drive. So start with these fixes

    error logonui.exe

    If you really can’t create a bootable installation memory, use this workaround~

    2. When it is still off, just turn it on by pressing the power switch once.

    3. After the device boots up, press the power button again. Your device will be turned off.

    Now repeat this process 2-3 times. On the 4th time, the sneakers remained normal.

    Fix 1 Try – With Launcher

    1. When you see that a specific Windows RE mode is running, click Next to cancel.

    2. On the cross stitch in the lower left corner you will see the inscription “Fix your favorite computer”.

    3. Click on what you thought and you will be redirected to any Windows RE mode.

    7. When OK appears on the screen On “Advanced Options”, click “Restore Attached File” to start the recovery process.

    Please wait, Windows will check for problems and fix the problem itself.

    Fix-2 Rename LogonUI.exe

    How do I fix LogonUI exe error?

    About LogonUI.exeSolution 1 – Try Ctrl+Alt+Del.Solution 2 – Disable connection security programsSolution 3 – Disable your antivirus softwareSolution 4 – Disable your graphics card adapterSolution 5 – Run an SFC scanSolution #6 – Perform a clean boot

    The existing LogonUI.exe file may be corrupted. Renaming should fix the issue on your laptop.

    2. Set the language, period and time and click “Repair your computer”.

    5. To access it, click “Command Prompt” in the list of available options.

    6. If necessary, you can choose the appropriate account and therefore a password.

    7. Once you are in the terminal, copy and paste the command below and just press Enter.

    cd C:WindowsSystem32

    8. To rename the existing LogonUI.exe, run our code in CMD.

    ren LogonUI.exe LogonUI.old

    9. Then enter these commands or install commands to schedule the course in the Winsxs folder.

    error logonui.exe

    CD..CD Winsxs

    ten. In the winsx directory, all you have to do is find “LogonUI”. To do this, simulate this code and press Enter.

    directory *LogonUI*.*

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the application and click on the Scan button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the Restore button

  • You will see that the location is associated with the file that appeared in the exact search result.

    Simply select an address by highlighting it with your computer mouse and pressing “Ctrl+C” to copy all addresses.

    Location of folder to insert CD

    Simply paste the location separated by commas by pressing “Ctrl+V” at the same time.

    Example. On this important computer, after pasting the location, the command looks like this~

    cd amd64_microsoft-windows-authentication-logonui_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.19041.1_none_1b8420121296312d

    12. Finally, make a copy of the entire original LogonUI.exe in the critical system32 directory. To do this, run my code in the terminal.


    LogonUI.exe C:WindowsSystem32

    What is LogonUI exe win10?

    LogonUI.exe is a Windows program that is usually responsible for the user interface you understand on the logon screen. It prompts the PC to start only when the user enters the correct security and account username associated with the person’s home interface.

    Typically, restart your computer. Windows will use the new LogonUI.exe to create each interface.

    Solution 3 – Remove All Security Plans From Your PC

    1. Follow the above method to train your computer.

    2. Click “Next” to immediately set the language, time format and therefore the keyboard input method.

    2. Then select “Repair your computer” in the bottom left cornerrecovery environment window.

    5. When the launch options appear on the screen, click Restart.

    6. Select “Safe Selection Mode” by pressing each “4” key.

    7. Once your computer boots into Safe Mode*, you need to press the Windows key + R.

    8. In the Run window, enter appwiz.cpl and click OK.

    9. When the Programs and Features window appears, right-click on the problematic tool and select Uninstall.

    You may see a LogonUI.exe error if you open it when your system is only in safe mode. If you encounter a specific error, please try the following~

    1. Access the CMD terminal following the procedure described in Fix-2.

    Repair your computer > Troubleshooting > Advanced options > Command Prompt

    2 command. Whenever you need to service the terminal, run these command sets.

    ren "C:Program Files" Files-old".Ren "Program "C:Program Files (x86)" "Program Files (x86)-old"

    Once someone has finished, you will essentially restart your computer.

    3. Sign in to your accountthis record. After that, open the C: drive on a good computer.

    6. Rename both folders, extracting the “.old” from the end of their names. For example, rename “Program Files.old” to “Program Files”.

    Once you’re done, you can easily uninstall the problematic application from your personal computer.

    Solution 4 – Copy SHLWAPI.DLL To System32 Folder

    Some users have solved each of our problems by copying the original SHLWAPI.DLL file into the system32 directory.

    1. Restart your computer with the USB device connected.

    5. Then click “Command Prompt” to open a specific terminal.

    6. When the terminal appears with your screen, enter this command related phrase and press after entering the text snippet.

    How do I fix LogonUI exe error on startup Windows 10?

    Solution 1: Try a launchervo.Solution 2 – Rename LogonUI.exeSolution 3 – Remove almost all security programs from your PCHave a look at the repair – copy SHLWAPI.DLL to the system32 folder.Fix Your Five – Disable the sticker adapter.Fix 6: By disabling the shortcut utility.Solution 7 – By disabling fingerprint reader/face recognition

    cdrwindows cdCD 32 Setting

    7. All you have to do is copy the source file SHLWAPI.DLL and specify its preferred location.

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