Steps To Fix Error Loading Nvhotkey.dll On Startup

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    Here are some simple steps to fix nvhotkey.dll startup error.

    Nvhotkey.dll has become a process owned by NVIDIA Hotkey Service. This DLL file is an NVIDIA Hotkey utility from NVIDIA Corporation. Nvhotkey.dll is located in C: Windows System32. The known sizes of this amazing dynamic link library file are already 73,728 and 67,584 bytes.

    Users may generate an error message at startup indicating that nvhotkey.dll is missing or not found.

    You can suppress the error by reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers. NVIDIA drivers can be for both sound and graphics. However, your drivers are usually designed for your style card.

    You can use Perfect Uninstaller if you have difficulty programming with the standard Add / Remove Lessons utility.

    1. Click Start, then Run it “.
    2. Enter msconfig and in this case click OK.A
    3. The window should open. Go
    4. to the start tab.
    5. Search for nvhotkey.
    6. Uncheck the box next to nvhotkey.
    7. Close the window as usual.

    error loading nvhotkey.dll startup

    There are also websites that claim that nvhotkey.dll may be a form of spyware. Since malware can take on filenames to hide its exact identity, you should also perform a full system scan with a huge and reliable antivirus program. After starting your anti-virus program, you should also start the anti-spyware program. This will remove and identify all malware that might be inside your amazing system.

    Always make sure you have valid and reliable information and facts about your system. When you combine the security of the right tools with safe web browsing, you and your computer can stay safe.

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    DLL file name: nvhotkey.dll

  • DLL file

  • Product type: win64 Name: NVIDIA Hotkey Service version 332.21

  • Developer: NVIDIA Corporation

  • File version:

  • File size: 616.28 KB (63072 bytes)

  • Language code: English

  • Character set: Windows (East Latin American2-European)

  • MD5 checksum: d4b04d94cf93b56468bdfe81b5fd2c1c

  • Why am I getting nvhotkey DLL errors?

    About errors in nvhotkey.dll. Typically, when nvhotkey.dll is required for use, Windows will check applications and system folders for the presence of the DLL file. If the file is missing forever, you may get a big error and the application may not work correctly. Learn how to re-install nvhotkey.dll.

    Copyright: 2013 NVIDIA Corporation (C). All rights reserved.

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    Download PC Reviver – Nvhotkey fix.dll errors

    The nvhotkey.dll file is simply a 64-bit Windows DLL for the NVIDIA Service, Hotkey version 332.21, or other useful related programs. The file and its associated service type NVIDIA Hotkey, version 332.21 were developed by NVIDIA Corporation. The file must be guaranteed by (C) 2013 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.

    The nvhotkey.dll file is an essential component for the flawless operation of the software. You may get such a loud error message saying that the file was not found or some kind ofdamaged.

    • This application cannot help you start because nvhotkey.dll was not found.
    • The nvhotkey.dll file may be missing or damaged.
    • A required component is missing: nvhotkey.dll. Please reinstall the app.
    • Error filling nvhotkey.dll. The specified module could not be found.
    • The program cannot start nvhotkey because the .dll file may not be present on your computer.

    To fix the error, you need to replace the missing nvhotkey.dll file in the table of contents of your gadget or the damaged DLL file with a working file following the instructions below. The current version of the DLL file available on our website is and the size is 616.28 KB.

    You can get nvhotkey.dll for free in the section on this page. After downloading the available ZIP files, extract them to a convenient location on your computer. To fix DLL errors, you need to copy the corresponding DLL file to the installation folder created by the application / game, or install the DLL directly in Windows (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 10).

    Copy the extracted file nvhotkey.dll to the mouth directorynew applications and games. Check

    · when the problem is resolved. If the problem persists, or you are not sure which software is undoubtedly causing the problem, set the file path in the Windows system folder.

    error loading nvhotkey.dll startup

    · You can easily install the .dll file in both folders on your computer. To complete this step, someone needs to run a Command Prompt in Administrator.

    · Open the start menu and type “cmd” on your keyboard before clicking anywhere.

    · Right-click the “Command Prompt” search result and select the “Run as administrator” option. Insert

    · a command that goes into the home command prompt window that opens and presses Enter.

    Version Operating system size language Download 64-bit 616.3 KB German Download

    Please Note: This is a very free download. No warranty or guarantee is given or implied. Please save and install the file at your own risk …

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