Various Ways To Fix Avisynth .converttoyv12

If you have encountered the avisynth .converttoyv12 error on your system, this guide should help you fix it.

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    I am trying Avisynth version 2.5.
    My Avisynth script definitely looks like this:
    DirectShowSource (“MVI_0076.AVI”)
    ConvertToYV12 ()

    I’ve used avisynth (and ConvertToYV12 ()) this guide on all my home videos with Canon and my A640 and it works. However, this will NOT work for videos shot with my new Canon A470. Error message (when viewed with Windows Media Player Classic):

    No suitable decompressor available.
    If I return Advanced to see the details of the error type, see
    I cannot download the corresponding decompressor. (Error = 80040200)
    Then, if I skip the nearest message, I hear audio, but still no video, not even the confusing AVISynth message.

    So I used GSpot Codec Information Appliance version 2.70a to tell me what was different between the videos from my Canon A640 working on this Avisynth script and the DVD from Canon A470, which definitely doesn’t work. and here’s the difference between videos that work and videos that don’t work:

    DOES NOT WORK on ConvertToYV12:
    OpenDML (AVI v2.0)
    Video: 7.38 MB (99.06%)
    Audio: 67.2 KB (0.88%)
    OurAVI Overhead: 4.17KB (0.05%)

    Images: 20,000 photosFrames / s: 20,000 frames

    Works with ConvertToYV12:
    AVI v1.0
    Video: 89.8 MB (99.37%)
    Audio: 542KB (0.59%)
    AVI Overhead: 38.6KB (0.04%)

    Images: 30,000 photosFrames / sec: 30. Audio 000

    It is exactly the same in both videos, and the movie codec is Motion JPEG in both cases.And yes, I’ve tried running problematic videos through VirtualDub and other ways to fix them.

    Ideas? When we tell me to use the newer avisynth decryption, please post this link where I can buy it.

    Thank you

    Could you post an ad for your new camera? This would allow people to try and reproduce your problem together … 🙂

    Looks like a problem with the codec. Since your company might think they are both using the same codec, the four CCs might be different.
    Try using the reliable FourCC working directory parser and the one that works further, and make sure the FourCCs are the same.
    and then if they are clearly different, make sure you have others for the decoder, four CCs in the file usually don’t workhut.

    However, we can help you more easily if you post an example video showing discounts.

    Hello. After doing a little research, I realized that when I bought converttoyv12 (), I never ran Dos Heavens Player Classic on any of my good videos, not even the ones I noted in my main post.

    So the question now is, do many of the codecs that should work with this type belong to Avisynth scripts (see below)? :

    DirectShowSource (“MVI_3949.AVI”)
    ConvertToYV12 ()

    I’ll post an example avi file on your blog in a few minutes …

    So the question is: were there always any codecs needed to work with art-to-avisynth scripts (see below)? :

    I think the Kemuri-9 is correct; this is the perfect codec problem

    To play in Directshow players as well as DirectShowSource () in .avs scripts you need Directshow decoder to get mjpg. I have used mediainfo to identify some codecs. You can set specific ffdshow and mjpg to “libavcodec” instead of “disabled”.

    I think it may already be YV12 color space, and perhaps there is no needthe ability to add converttoYV12 (). Invalid .avs program worked with or without these conversion arguments in MPC and additionally with vdub to xvid encoding

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the application and click on the Scan button
  • Step 3: Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the Restore button

  • I believe the Kemuri-9 is correct; this is a codec problem

    To play video in Directshow and DirectShowSource () players during .avs scripts, you will need any Directshow decoder for Mjpg.
    If this is seen as a codec issue (which I think is likely), then the YV12 codec is required.

    Read the submitted original – the error is actually from DirectShowSource, but from your player. The player never sees the original avi file, he sees that you see the yv12 Avisynth output.

    I think Wilbert is right when referring to the new yv12 FAQ.

    avisynth error .converttoyv12

    if the pixel_type parameter is actually used in the avisource directshowsource, or if the decoder decodes the video directly to that color space,
    which raises an error if the decoder simply cannot handle that particular color distance (iirc).

    Unless otherwise stated, decoders will deliver it to avs. The final selection that matches one of the avs signature color spaces (again iirc).

    If a member is unable to accept a YV12 recording, you can check the raw ffdshow video system (this is the last entry in this list of codecs) and see how.

    avisynth error .converttoyv12

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